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MS Word Legal: 150 Unique Scenarios

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This is the closest thing to going to an MS Word Legal Word Processing Seminar For Top-Tier Law Firms! Three Books (150 Scenarios) With An Amazing Amount of Information -- MS Word Legal -- *Awareness Explosion* Volumes 1-3 This series of books will give you an accurate window into working in a top-tier legal word processing center. Volumes 1-3 go over a Tremendous Amount of Material. Each successive short article is very different from the previous and each book covers a ton of ground. They are fun to read and easy to understand and quickly absorb. Makes no difference whether you have MS Word open in front of you or not. Either way, through our narrative style, you will be exposed to numerous scenarios, explanations and solutions that will cause you to grow as an operator or secretary. This will serve you whether you are in a legal environment or not. You can read technical books all day, but you will not be exposed to the same thorough material that comfortably unfolds before you! Below are the direct links to all volumes: Volume 1: Volume 2: Volume 3. Word Legal -- Awareness Explosion Volume 3